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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Android phone just updated to Android 14 and now I am unable to connect my stones? They worked before.
    On many occasions, new OS Updates breaks apps....or messes with them. If you have already Googled "Android 14 Bluetooth issues" You will see you are not alone. Rather than us suggesting what steps to follow to reset your settings, we would suggest following the some of the protocols indicated on some of the more popular Android support forums...(Reddit, Droid Life..etc) We are working on our end to see what we can do as far as a workaround. Stay Tuned!!
  • I plugged my Stones to charge using your charging cables in and I get no lights, nothing, nada, zip, zilch. What's the deal?
    Well, our best guess is that you received a pair, or a single unit with a faulty PCB. (printed circuit board) Occasionally something slips through our QA team and gets mailed. As a new and growing company, we expect this as a painful reality. If this happened to you, we will either refund or exchange.
  • What do the various color pulsing lights mean?
    Red pulsing means they are actively charging while plugged in... Green pulsing means they are fully charged and ready to connect. Blue pulsing means they are in active pairing mode. Pairing mode lasts for around 4 seconds, until reactivated by touching the flat sensor on the stone. A dimmer, Steady Blue color means that they are connected.
  • BluLateral shows up on my available Bluetooth connections....Can I just connect my BluLateral Stones DIRECTLY to my device's Bluetooth and NOT go through the app?
    Even though BluLateral shows up on your available Bluetooth networks along with other devices, ( like headphones, speakers...etc.) you are unable to use them without the app. The BluLateral Stones are able connect and the led light will dim, because they have a very powerful Bluetooth antenna. But you will not be able to use them. If they connect to your device's Bluetooth, then you will need turn off your device's Bluetooth, allow the stones to disconnect and go back into pairing mode. Turn your device Bluetooth back on and then you will be able to connect via the app.
  • My Stones won't connect?
    -Make sure both your device and the Stones are fully charged and that your device Bluetooth is on. - If you had previously connected the Stones, and now they won't RECONNECT, close out the BluLateral app completely. Doing this will cause the Stones to go back into pairing mode, then you can reconnect as before. ( Sometimes, not often, the Stones stay connected when you exit the app. Its important to completely CLOSE the app out to disconnect the Stones. The you can reconnect them for your next client.)
  • I started a session without having my devices Bluetooth on. I turned it on and now I can't connect my BluLateral Stones, What do I do?
    If you start a session with no Bluetooth, you must first completely close out your BluLateral app and start over with the device Bluetooth on. It will not work if you quickly toggle your Bluetooth on and try to pick back up where you left off. Your device's Bluetooth must be on from the beginning, before opening the BluLateral app.
  • Do I have to add my full name in the Therapist Setup?
    You do NOT need to add Therapist full name or your Client's full name in either role. 3 digits will suffice.
  • If I connect the Stones at the beginning of a session, but don't use them until later in the session, will they stay connected?
    Yes, they should. As EMDR therapists ourselves, we usually do NOT connect the Stones until we are about the begin the bilateral stimulation. When introducing new technology in the session, such as your amazing new BluLateral Stones, it might take a few minutes of explanation and "getting used to" by your client or group. We have noticed with the latest iPhone iOS update, we are experiencing occasional Bluetooth challenges in staying connected. We have not heard any issues from Android devices regarding connectivity issues.
  • My BluTapp Stones appear to be connected ( dim, steady blue light) but I cant control them...What happened?
    Occasionally, the BluTapp Stones will pair directly to your device and bypass the app completely. In that case, simply close out the BluTapp app completely, toggle your devices Bluetooth off/on and the Stones should return to Active Pairing Mode...and pulse blue.
  • When I am using the straight Bluetooth, (no 2nd device) with a person in my office, sometimes the stones will occasionally drop out/reconnect...What's up with that? Can't I use just the Bluetooth from my device to connect with the stones accross the room?
    Most likely it is caused by the distance between you and your client. The RF antenna in these stones have a sweet spot up to around 8 feet between device and stones. Anything beyond 8 feet between stones and device...and you may get some unintended results, if you're just using the Bluetooth only feature to operate the stones. Keep in mind that Bluetooth is just an antenna and many things can interfere with an antenna. My local clients will often hold their stones with a clenched fist, or put them under their legs...this sometimes hampers the antenna fully functioning.... Many therapists have the clients utilize the BluLateral app on their own device and connect as if it is a remote session using the Session Code. This way completely removes the chance of your signal dropping between your device and the stones. Here is a reminder video on connecting the stones for both in-office and remote! Instructions for using a 2nd device or clients phone starts at 6:00
  • Hey, one of my stones keeps blinking stays in pairing mode...Whats the deal?
    We are not really sure on that one, either! When we test them, all circuitry is solid. But it seems occasionally that happens...what resets the Pairing mode light is to plug it back in briefly and it resets. My hunch is that occasionally the vibrations will impact the capacitive touch sensor and not allow it to exit pairing mode, for some reason. Plug/unplug and it will reset and you'll be good to go!


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